ATTENTION: You’ve entered a judgement-free zone, babe!

#nofilter might sound risky.. but what’s life without a little risk-taking, am I right? Let’s ditch the filters and fill our heads with kinder thoughts instead.

Being healthy isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about how you think and what you say too! Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break more often. No filter? No worries! You can still smash your goals without it!

A bath mat that encourages you to high-five yourself daily, stop taking life too seriously and make more time for bubble baths. In fact, stop what you’re doing and go have one right now. Just make sure you’ve got us at your feet to greet you when you’re finished!

The nicer things in life are:

Made from 100% cotton with a level of absorbency that’d put a truck filled with sponges to shame.


Size: 50cm x 80cm
Care: Machine Washable