The Avery & Arlo Team

 Meet the Avery & Arlo dream team...


SHARI - Boss Babe

Hi I’m Shari! I’m the owner of Avery & Arlo.
Here are a few things you might not know about me...

1. I was born in Williamstown
2. My partner Joe and I got engaged last year! We’ve been together since we were 16 🥰
3. I have a gorgeous daughter Ziggy who is 6 months old.
4. I named Avery & Arlo after my cavoodle Arlo 🐶
5. 2 years ago I quit my job and sold my car to take a risk and start my own clothing boutique - something I’d been wanting to do for a while. Thankyou for supporting Avery & Arlo and making this little leap worthwhile! 💗

Fav thing in store at the moment - well it’s not technically in store yet but it’s the new Cartel & Willow which will be coming very soon!
Love Shark (I mean Shari but every time I sign off an email it auto corrects to Shark) 🤣 xx



Hi I’m Tahnee! I work casually here at Avery & Arlo. You’ll find me in the store Thursday - Saturday & Wednesday’s I work behind the scenes on Photoshoots & social media!
Here are a few things you might not know about me...

1. I have a gorgeous French Bulldog called Buddy, who I love to death! He’s the sweetest and cheekiest.
2. I love to travel! Have been to Europe, America & Asia & loveeee going to Bali it’s my fav place!
3. None of the work girls ever want to order my coffee for me because they say I have an embarrassing order. Decaf almond cap please 💁‍♀️🤣
4. I’m recently engaged to my partner of 10 years! We have a lot of fun together & he makes me laugh every single day 😄

Fav thing in store at the moment -
My fav items in store at the moment are the CASS leather sneakers in white & leopard! They’re so comfortable & cute 🤩



Hi I’m Julia and I work casually at Avery & Arlo and am currently on Mat leave! You may however still find me popping into the store for a cheeky shop and also featuring on your Social media channels!

Here are a few things you might not know about me...

1. I’m a Mum to two beautiful girls Luca 2 and Pia 8 weeks!
2. I’m a serial online shopper for me and my girls 🙊 sorry husband!
3. I grew up in Bendigo VIC and I would love to eventually raise my girls in the country too
4. Thai food is my absolute fav there is nothing better!

Fav thing in store at the moment -
I would have to say my favs at the moment would be the Cass leopard sneaker and the Devon shirred mini dress! Both super cute and versatile pieces.



Hey I’m Lauren! I work in the Avery & Arlo store in Williamstown four days a week 💕

A few fun facts about me:
1. I’m new to Melbourne! I’ve been here since June 🥰
2. I’ve lived between Australia, the USA and New Zealand 🌎
3. I’m big on my exercise! I work out at CrossFit 5-6 times per week 💪🏼
4. I may have named my cat after myself... (my middle name is Grace, I called her Gracie).... I was 12!! 🐱

My fave thing in store at the moment is all our new Cartel stuff in the steel blue and blue leopard colour ways!! 🦋



Hi I’m Ella! 👋 I work casually here at Avery & Arlo on the online store and social media.

Here are a few things you might not know about me... 1. I study fashion at uni.
2. I am a qualified makeup artist (although have never actually worked as one haha)
3. Next year I’m going to LA for a semester for uni
4. I have a toy poodle named Honey who I spoil a little too much! 🐩

Fav thing in store at the moment - I have quite a few 🤣 My top two would be the Free Spirit Kimono and Jolie and Deen Pearl Sleeper Earrings!